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The Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing aims to provide a consistent high standard of teaching in a relaxed and happy environment, with the flexibility to respond to individual child needs.

We encourage our students to take pride in their dancing to achieve their best.

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Newsletter Spring 2016

2016 in Review!

RAD, ISTD & LCM Examinations

Exam success with RAD ballet, ISTD modern and tap and LCM acting (100% pass rate).  A special to Marcia who gained 90% in Intermediate Foundation vocational exam!

Associate Success

The Royal Ballet School

Luca, Clara and Siena

London Junior/Senior Ballet

Freya, Connie, Luca, Saskia, Clara and Marcia

Young Dancers Academy


Central School of Ballet

Marcia, Keira, Eleanor and Minnie 

Ballet Boost

Megan J, Pula, Keira B, Saphyre, Macy, Clara, Luca & Keira J

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