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Lucy Pollard

Lucy with Tim Minchin who wrote the music & Lyrics for ‘Matilda’

I joined Heidi Rhodes in 2005 just for something to keep me occupied after school, but I had no idea that it would lead me down such an exciting path! After 10 years of training with Heidi and Megan I have been awarded a full scholarship to attend Laine Theatre Arts from Miss Betty Laine herself! This means that I'm one step closer to achieving my dream of performing as an adult in the West End. At the age of 9 I auditioned for the Royal Ballet School and was accepted onto their Junior Associates course. I trained hard every Saturday in London and was asked to be in two of their professional productions - Sylvia (at London's Colliseum) and Cinderella (at the Royal Opera House). Taking part in these shows fuelled my passion for performing and made me realise that that was wanted I to do when I was older!  After 3 years, I left the Royal Ballet to join the cast of The Sound of Music on their UK Tour as a swing. I understudied Marta and Brigitta and got to perform along side Connie Fisher and Jason Donovan, travelling all around the UK with my team of Von Trapp kids.   In 2011 I was cast in the new West End production of Matilda The Musical playing Amanda Thripp. I was a part of the cast that won 7 Olivier Awards, breaking the World Record. I was used as a guinea pig to develop the famous Amanda Thripp throw, where the Trunchbull grabs Amanda by her plaits and swings her round in circles!   Soon after in 2012 I joined the cast of Billy Elliot the Musical as a ballet girl called Angela Robson in Billy's class.   I am so appreciative of all the support and advice Heidi has given me over the years to help me achieve my dreams and would like to thank her very much for being such an excellent role model and teacher. Thank you so much Heidi and Megan - I will miss you!!! 

Lucy has just completed her 1st year at Laine Theatre Arts after being awarded the Betty Laine Scholarship. 


Robyn Dennis


Robyn as ‘Lottie’ in London Children’s Ballet ’The little Princess’

Hi! My name is Robyn Dennis and I am currently at St. Bernard’s Grammar School, Slough. I have been at Heidi Rhodes since I was 3 and am now in Grade 7 nad Advanced Foundation Ballet. I have been given so many dancing opportunities since I’ve been at Heidi’s, but the ones that really stand out for me are: winning the South East RAD regional awards in 2011 judged by Wayne Sleep, dancing in London Children’s Ballet for two years running and dancing at Her Majesty’s with other Heidi Rhodes pupils. I have also attended vocational classes with London Junior and Senior Ballet on a Sunday for five years. I also had the opportunity to dance with 'Viena Festival Ballet' at Theatre Royal Windsor in Copelia!  I have always been so grateful to all the teachers at Heidi Rhodes for the most amazing time they have given to me, thank you!


Siena Pledge


Siena at English National Ballet School Summer School

I’ve been involved in many exciting things with Miss Heidi including being part of a troupe that performed a dance from ‘Matilda’ the musical and ‘The Snowman’ at her Majesty’s Theatre in London and the Theatre Royal in Windsor.  I’ve participated in summer schools at ‘The Royal Ballet School’, ‘English National Ballet School’ and ‘Central School of Ballet’.  I was part of the charity ‘London Children’s Ballet’ and their touring company, where 12 children rehearse together and perform a shortened version of a ballet to special educational needs schools and care homes for the elderly.  We performed ‘The Secret Garden’.  It was such an amazing experience and my confidence improved a lot.  I have also been lucky enough be selected for ‘London Children’s Ballet’ main company and performed at the Sadler’s Wells Peacock Theatre in the West End.  I am also a Senior Associate at The Royal Ballet School, which means I go to their studios in Covent Garden every Saturday for a ballet class. I am so happy to have a place, as it will develop my ballet training even further.   I have to give a lot of commitment as I currently take ballet classes 5 days a week. I also practice my ballet at home every day as well as doing special strengthening exercises for my feet, body and muscles. I am at school at Sir William Perkins’s School in Chertsey but I still manage to fit in all my dancing!  I’d like to thank my teacher, Miss Heidi, for believing in me and encouraging me to try different opportunities.  She is an amazing ballet teacher and really fun too! 

Siena joins Central School of Ballet in September (2017) to commence her Vocational training.

 Sasha Theobalds - Windsor Girls School

The Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing is so much more than just learning how to pointe your toes or how to do the perfect pirouette. As Head Girl, I am truly grateful for everything that not just Heidi, Megan and Sarah have taught me, but the memories I have made with friends that I will cherish forever. Dancing has given me the opportunity to perform at the Theatre Royal in Windsor, Her Majesty’s, Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, the O2 and even Disneyland Paris. Not only was I able to learn so much at the school, but also helping out in lessons with Megan gave me the honour of passing my teachings on to the aspiring younger ballerinas & that is a gift I will treasure forever. I would also like to thank my mum, for putting my ballet shoes on for the first time, because if she didn’t I wouldn’t be the girl I am today. And remember girls, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle…

Rebecca Player - Sir William Perkins

I first started ballet when I was three years old, moving on to also take tap and modern classes aged five. After some of Miss Heidi’s internal shows, my seven year old self was able to perform on a professional stage, Theatre Royal Windsor, for the first time.  I can look back at my time at Heidi’s, having now also performed at Disneyland Paris, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Her Majesty’s Theatre and Indigo at the O2. Opportunities I am boundlessly thankful for.  I’m currently studying for my A-levels and intend to go on to do an art foundation course the following year, before doing a BA hons in the History of Art. Ultimately, I’d like to become a curator, a career that’s ostensibly quite removed from the dance training I’ve received. However, I think my years with Heidi’s have definitely contributed to my interest in the arts, both performing and visual, thus proving to be a defining part of myself.

Nia Hannon - Kendrick

I have been dancing at Heidi Rhodes School of Dance since I was 3 doing ballet, tap, modern and more recently contemporary. I am so grateful for the years I've had to grow not only as a dancer but as a person. Ive had the opportunity to perform on many professional stages such asSadler's Well, Her majesty's theatre and The Royal Windsor Theatre and dance in various festivals and competitions. Thanks to Heidi, Megan and Sarah, dance (and the friends I have made here) will stay with me for the rest of my life. Lots of Love xx

P.S we still haven't forgiven you for making us dancedown Windsor high street!  

Abby Lancaster - Windsor Girls School

Dancing at Heidi Rhodes has been a big part of my life for nearly 16 years and I can't imagine not dancing here anymore. I've had so many great experiences, dancing at places like Sadler’s Wells and Disneyland Paris and am proud to have made it to grade 8 Ballet, intermediate Modern and advanced 1 Tap, which I couldn't have done without the amazing teachers that I've had. I'm now moving on to study Primary Teaching at university and hope to continue dancing. I won't forget the friends I've made and the teachers who have made this whole experience the best it could have been. A big thank you to everyone, I'll miss you all.

Emma Atkinson - Garth

I started dancing when I was 2 but I didn't start dancing at The Heidi Rhodes School Of Dance until I was 5 when I moved to Windsor. I can't remember a time when I wasn't dancing and I don't know what I will do when I have to leave. I've loved dancing with Miss Heidi so much that even when I moved out of Windsor I've still remained dancing with her. With this brought amazing opportunities such as dancing in Disneyland Paris and some of the greatest stages in London such as Sadler’s Wells. When I finally leave this amazing dance school to go on to higher education I will truly miss all of the teachers and the studio very much.             

Lauren Angood – St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School (Deputy Head Girl)

I have been dancing here at Heidi Rhodes School of Dance since 2000, when I was a not-so-tiny 3 year old. Through the school, I have danced in Disneyland Paris (twice!), Sadlers Wells, Her Majesty's Theatre (twice!) and as an associate in schools such as London Junior and London Senior Ballet in London. I also danced in one of London Children's Ballets productions and participated in various dance festivals over the years.  I'd like to thank the school not just for the opportunities you've given me to shine, or the amazing, lifelong friends that I've made but for giving me the gift of dance, I'll never forget it.

As Billy Elliot said about dancing: "I suppose it's like forgetting, losing who you are, but at the same time, something makes you whole"

Thank you Miss Heidi xxx

Florence Claringbold – Marist Senior School Ascot

Heidi first taught me at the age of two at Montessori nursery in Datchet, I joined the school a few months after and started ballet tap and modern classes. Dancing here opened up so many opportunities to performing in new places. I have danced at the most incredible venues including Saddler's Wells, Her Majesty's theatre, Legoland Windsor, and Disneyland Paris with Mamma Mia and Greece (Mamma Mia being my favourite dance I have done). Heidi's high standard of teaching managed to get me into LJB/LSB where I danced for 6 years. I have made friends for life here and have been taught by the most incredible teacher. I can honestly say that most of my best memories are from dancing at Heidi's, ones I can never forget.

Emily (Millie) Foy – Kendrick School

I joined Heidi’s when I was four and as such cannot remember life without pliés, tangled bun-nets or the friends that I’ve now known for 14 years. Though I’ve moved through schools with an alarming rapidity – currently I attend Kendrick School in Reading and am hoping to study English at university next year – dance lessons have always been a consistent source of comfort, fun, and more often than not, profound philosophical debate. Dance shows have come to define my childhood memories, perhaps most notably the Disney Land trip of 2004; the nervous excitement of quick changes and the vital importance of straight lines and are things I will never, and wouldn’t want to, forget. I am truly indebted to Heidi and the girls for encouraging my confidence and performance skills, and I wish the school every success in the future.

Elizabeth (Beth) Hunt – Windsor Girls School

I joined Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing in March 2000 when I was just three years old, desperately wanting to join in having watched my sister dancing on a Saturday morning with Miss Heidi. I have danced at Disneyland Paris and many times at Her Majesty's, Sadler's Wells and Theatre Royal Windsor. I've loved every minute of my time at Heidi Rhodes, I can't believe this will be my last show before I hopefully head off to University to study dance in a year or so. I know I'm not leaving yet but I just want to thank Miss Heidi and Miss Helen for everything they have taught me over the years x

Maya Kudur – Charters School

I have been at Heidi Rhodes since the age of 3 and am now 18; I have made friends forever with the best of memories such as all the shows and dancing in Disneyland Paris! It is sad to say that after 15 years of ballet, a big impact in my life will be over, but I honestly couldn't have asked for a better teacher.

Bronaugh Cowen-Seagrove – Herschel Grammar School

I am 18 years old and have been a part of this school for over 13 years. Since joining I have been a part of many life-changing experiences; participating in festivals as a solo and a group and performing in theatres such as Her Majesty's and Sadlers Wells Theatres.In addition to this I attended London Junior Ballet for several years. Being at Heidi Rhodes School of Dance has made up the majority of my lifetime and has built my confidence immensely. I am hoping to go on to study a Bachelor's of Arts degree in dance from September.

Emma Merifield - Richmond upon Thames College

I joined the Heidi Rhodes School of Dance in 2005. I can always remember my first day at the school very clearly. I felt right at home as soon as I walked through those Studios doors. Throughout the years of dancing with the school I have completed all the RAD Ballet Grade Examinations. Furthermore I have taken part in many of the Schools spectacular shows.I will be taking my A Levels. After college I hope to get an apprenticeship in Event Management.Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed dancing for Miss Heidi and for the Heidi Rhodes School of Dance. It’s been a big part of my life and will dearly miss it.

Lucy Thorn – Herschel Grammar School

I joined Heidi Rhodes when I was 2 years old in pre-school in 1998 and have been dancing here ever since. Over the years I have danced at Sadler’s Wells and Her Majesties’ theatres in London in Bugsy Malone, Half a sixpence and Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat. Getting to be a part of these numbers was a very unique and special experience; I can honestly say I have never been under brighter lights or worn more sparkly costumes, which still remain in my closet to this day, and I have loved every second of my time on the stage. Dancing has been such a big part of my life for the last 16 years and although I can’t believe it is all over, I will be leaving with very fond memories that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Rosie Merry – Henley College

I joined Heidi Rhodes School of Dance in 2002 when I was five and I am now seventeen. Over the years I have performed at various events including Her Majesty’s Theatre, Sadler’s Wells, Windsor Theatre Royal and Disneyland Paris. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the ­­school and will miss it when I leave.  I’ve also been involved in numerous workshops including Rambert. I am currently studying A-levels in Dance, English, Art and Photography.  I am hoping to study Contemporary at University.

Faine Walsh – Henley College

I joined Heidi Rhodes School of Dance in 2005 and over the years I have performed at various venues including Her Majesty’s Theatre, Sadler’s Wells and Theatre Royal Windsor.  I have really enjoyed my years at Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing and I have made some great friends.  I will really miss dancing here very much!

Connie Compton-Stewart  – Windsor Girls School

I cant believe that I have been dancing with Heidi since I was 3, and it still amazes me that at 18 years old, the one place I feel most comfortable in front of strangers is on stage in a leotard. I know this confidence will aid me throughout life especially next year when I hope to study German and Music at university. Being a student of Miss Heidi and Miss Helen has taught me to persevere and smile 'until your face hurts,' no matter how wrong things go. I'm going to miss dancing - but above all I'm going to miss the people I've met and the experiences we've shared. 

Khadisha Caldwell-Parris – Sir William Perkins

This year I turn 18, meaning I've had 10 years with The Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing. I was thinking about it the other day and realised that, not only is this my last time performing on stage, but also ballet has been the only activity I've ever actually stuck at. During my time here I've been a pig, a yellow submarine and even a munchkin soldier. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to dance at such an incredible dance school and meet so many people. I would love to thank Miss Heidi, Miss Lucy, Miss Sophie and all the people I've met whilst dancing at The Heidi Rhodes, for making the experience of learning and performing ballet a truly amazing one: one I will never forget.

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