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Term Dates

Autumn Term

Monday 10th September - Satuday 1st December

2 week half term: 15th October - 27th October


Term dates 2018/19  

Dancing days are coloured in pink! 

Autumn Term 2018

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10th Sep 11th Sep 13th Sep 13th Sep 14th Sep 15th Sep
17th Sep 18th Sep 19th Sep 20th Sep 21st Sep 22nd Sep
26th Sep 25th Sep 26th Sep 27th Sep 28th Sep 29th Sep
1st Oct 2nd Oct 3rd Oct 4th Oct 5th Oct 6th Oct
8th Oct 9th Oct 10th oct 11th Oct 12th Oct 13th Oct
15th Oct 16th Oct 18th Oct 19th Oct 20th Oct 21st Oct
22nd Oct 23rd Oct 24th Oct 25th Oct 26th Oct 27th Oct
29th Oct 30th Oct 31st Oct 1st Nov 2nd Nov 3rd Nov
5th Nov 6th Nov 7th Nov 8th Nov 9th Nov 10th Nov
12th Nov 13th Nov 14th Nov 15th Nov 16th Nov 17th Nov
19th Nov 20th Nov 21st Nov 22nd Nov 23rd Nov 24th Nov
26th Nov 27th Nov 28th Nov 29th Nov 30th Nov 1st Dec
Spring Term 2019
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 7th Jan 8th Jan  9th Jan  10th Jan 11th Jan  12th Jan
14th Jan
    15th Jan  
16th Jan 17th Jan 18th Jan 19th Jan
21st Jan 22nd Jan 23rd Jan 24th Jan 25th Jan 26th Jan  
28th Jan 29th Jan 30th Jan 31st Jan 1st Feb 2nd Feb  
4th Feb 5th Feb 6th Feb 7th Feb 8th Feb 9th Feb  
11th Feb 12th Feb 13th Feb 14th Feb 15th Feb 16th Feb  
18th Feb 19th Feb 20th Feb 21st Feb 22nd Feb 23rd Feb  
25th Feb 26th Feb 27th Feb 28th Feb 1st Mar 2nd Mar  
4th Mar 5th Mar 6th Mar 7th Mar 8th Mar 9th Mar  
11th Mar 12th Mar 13th Mar 14th Mar 15th Mar 16th Mar  
18th Mar 19th Mar 20th Mar 21st Mar 22nd Mar 23rd Mar  
 25th Mar            
Summer Term 2019
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  
 22nd April  23rd Apr 24th Apr  25th Apr  26th Apr 27th Apr
29th Apr 30th Apr 1st May 2nd May 3rd Mayr 4th May  
6th May          7th May 8th May 9th May 10th May 11th May  
13th May 14th May 15th May 16th May 17th May 18th May  
20th May 21st May 22nd May 23rd May 24th May 25th May  
27th May 28th May 29th May 30th May 31st May 1st Jun  
3rd Jun        4th Jun       5th Jun 6th Jun          7th Jun          8th Jun  
10th Jun          11th Jun          12th Jun               13th Jun          14th Jun          15th Jun        
17th Jun 18th Jun 19th Jun 20th Jun 21st Jun 22nd Jun  
24th Jun 25th Jun 26th Jun 27th Jun 28th Jun 29th Jun  
1st Jul  2nd Jul 3rd Jul 4th Ju 5th Jun 6th Jul  
8th Jul 9th Jul 10th Jul 11th Jul 12th Jul 13th Jul  

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DT6 6573

Click here for our 2018/2019 timetable. 



Please complete the Enrolment Form below. Please note that a physical copy of this and The Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing - Operating Procedures will need to be signed upon attendance of the first class.

The form will be attached to the email that you will receive and you will need to bring it with you for the first class.

Many thanks

Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing


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OPERATING PROCEDURES – The Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing


Can you please carefully read all of the information below and pass this information on to your son/daughter. Please take a copy for your records and then sign and return.  All of this information is to ensure the safety of your son/daughter.


A FULL terms invoice is attached and will remain the same for the whole academic year.

Fees must be paid by the 2nd week of the new term. 

Fees will not be refunded in cases of absence. 

A half terms written notice is required when leaving the school. Pupils can still attend during their notice period and undertake any examinations etc that might be due.

If you have more than one child attending the school or a child that attends multiple lessons, then I am happy to receive 2 payments by means of a post dated cheque.

A £5 administration fee will be charged for late payment.


Do not allow your child to climb on any furniture, stairs or sit on any the window ledge or radiator in the building.

Children are not permitted to run around the building and must wait in the designated waiting area.

Please ensure that all hallways and walkways are kept clear of bags and belongings at all times. Sitting in the hallways, walkways and stairs is strictly forbidden as these are fire exits that must be kept clear at all times.

Fire doors must be kept closed at all times.

Please do not bring friends to watch classes.  If a child is not enrolled into the school they are not our responsibility.  

Intermediate and senior dancers – Your friends are not allowed to wait in or around the building at anytime and are not allowed to watch classes.  Please do not ask as there will not be exceptions to this rule!

When students have finished their classes and have left the studio they are no longer the responsibility of The Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing. 


Students behave respectfully, at all times, to teachers and fellow members of the school.  

Students arrive on time. If you are late for a class, please do not enter the room until the music has stopped.

Please do not leave anything valuable in the waiting room at any time.  Please bring all mobile phones/money/ipods etc into the studio with you and leave with your teacher. Any items found will be held in lost property. 


All students are expected to wear correct school uniform and to be well presented.  

Girls must have hair in a neat bun for all classes. 

The Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing does not accept responsibility for any items lost or stolen on these premises or any injuries sustained outside of the Dance Studios.

Response to the Child Protection Act 2000

In order to facilitate learning and development as a dancer, it is sometimes helpful to have a ‘hands on’ approach.  All touching is for beneficial reasons i.e to help alignment, posture and placing.  All touch is unambiguous and professional.  The intention behind all touch is to enhance the quality of learning. Any student or child has a right to request not to be touched. If you are not happy for staff of The Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing to continue in this professional manner, please let us know immediately.


Ascot House
Fairacres,Dedworth Road, Windsor, SL4 4LE


Junior classes are also held at:

St Stephen’s church
Vansittart Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 5DA

Village Centre
Victoria Street, Englefield Green, Surrey, TW20 0Qx

Old Windsor Memorial Hall

Straight Road, Old Windsor, SL4 2RN



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